From the time we are born we learn to look only in one direction: outside ourselves. We see things, and soon we are taught to put a name on each one of these things. Then we identify with those things, and we think: this is the world. Most people live their entire lives without ever discovering that this is not the only way. And this is understandable actually, because nobody ever taught us that there is another way of looking: inside ourselves.


When we begin to look in that direction, a new world, a new reality emerges. But how to look inside? For this we must learn to meditate. Instead of using our eyes, we have to learn to use our mind. Meditation is not something that we do, or that we decide to do. It's just a state of Being; something that happens spontaneously when our mind is sufficiently calm and centered. Reducing the flow of thoughts is the key.

So we must first of all learn to concentrate. And this is not an easy task; to control and focus the mind. Our whole life our mind has been in control, so it may take some time to change the old pattern. With perseverance we'll finally get there, and something wonderful starts to occur. And the more you practice, the more this little seed you planted will sprout and grow to become a magnificent tree.

There are many different meditation techniques, all of which have their own value. I teach Anapana meditation because I enjoy so many benefits from it. In short, Anapana meditation is the practice of concentration and awareness. The purpose of meditation is the natural breath, as it is. The purpose is to become aware of each inhalation and exhalation. Through direct experience we gradually become aware of another reality; more and more subtle as we progress on the path.

This process is not easily describable in words; you will have to learn and practice yourself to be able to experience it.